Month: August 2016

The Artist

Ruth Stirnimann is an internationally renowned artist. Her works have been exhibited in many cities aroud the globe including  Sydney, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro and internaional art fairs such as BELINER LISTE, BIENNALE D’ARTE in ROME, SCOPE BASEL. Her paintings are published in many international art books. Stirnimann won several international prizes and awards for her art.


Stirnimann’s Approach to Art

Stirnimann’s passion is moving beyond the known. She depicts the concealed – the intangible. Therefore, she approaches every new painting with complete openness, as a mysterious force that wishes to flow through her into manifestation. All paintings are expressions of the creative, harmonious vibration underlying all life forms. They are changing patterns of our being and therefore support harmony and balance on a holistic level.

artist with her work "transition"             Ruth with her work “Transition”

In this sense, all her paintings are healing paintings, restoring harmony and equilibrium on an individual and universal level. They come into being from pure consciousness; guiding into more balanced, energetic patterns. They impact profoundly on mental, emotional and physical levels.




Stirnimann works in two different styles: geometric and informal works, which complement one another like Yin and Yang.

Her geometric paintings are expressions of the creative, harmonious vibration underlying all life forms.

These works can bring joy and inspiration to your home through their colours, structure and concentration of energy.

They can help to restore harmony and equilibrium indoors and outdoors.

All her geometric works can be hung in different positions to express a different harmonious visual and energetic structure, expressing a different transforming, enjoyable, balanced vibration. To read more about her thoughts to these works click HERE

Ruth creates her informal abstract works by opening herself to intangible energy patterns

She approaches every new painting with complete openness, listening to the mysterious, creative force that flows through her into manifestation. These works allow a great feeling of freedom. They speak strongly to the heart, to our essence. For more in depth thought to this style of works please click  HERE.

Her works are about communication. She says: “Every day they share something new with me. They never stop surprising me and hopefully will nver stop inspiring and pleasing the viewer”.