Month: July 2016

Hidden Treasures Art Magazine Yearbook 2014

Published: June 2014, NG Studio, London

Hidden Treasure Art Magazine Yearbook 2014 Volume II is the second part of a series of art books aiming to connect Artists and the Art World in a direct and effective way.

Ruth Stirnimann received a double-spread page with geometric and abstract art.

The Person

Ruth Stirnimann was born in Basel, Switzerland. After finishing her secondary education with emphasis on business and economics, she started her training in movement and dance. She learnt different spiritual and hands-on healing and energy balancing techniques, including cranio-sacral therapy. All of these aspects greatly influence her approach to painting which becomes a holistic process on all levels of her being.

As a young woman, Ruth Stirnimann became aware that her driving essence was healing and expanding her own being. Extending and evolving the consciousness not only re-aligns the individual, it has a ripple effect outward, restoring and elevating the world as a whole, as everything and everyone is inextricably linked.

Internationale Kunst Heute Volume 2014

Published: 2014, IKH-Publishing, Germany

Building a bridge between high-quality contemporary art and art lovers as well as making selected artists better known has been the vision of the two publishers, Dr. Ingrid Gardill, art historian and Martina Kolle, editor.

In 2014 they selected Stirnimann’s work for this publication.