Year 2011
Size 60cm x 60cm
Media acrylic on canvas
Available as print

EARTH GRID 4 – first prize in Rome


This painting dedicated to Christchurch won first prize  in an art competition in Rome.

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On 22 February 2011 a 6.3 quake struck in the middle of the day destroying much of the city and killing 185 people.

This painting is Ruth’s warmhearted contribution to console the pain that this disaster caused. It aims to send energy, structure, strength and consolation to the city and its entire people.

New form and patterns flowing strongly from all 4 corners of the painting into the centre, helping and supporting new ideas for the rebuild and mainly giving strength to people, warmth and even joy in these challenging times. Through the many colours and lines overlaying, overlapping, it creates inner power and innovative ideas, light and love, compassion and joy, filled with life and new hope for a colourful, new city, new peace and stillness within the town and the people.



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