The Artist

Ruth Stirnimann is an internationally renowned artist. Her works have been exhibited in many cities aroud the globe including  Sydney, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro and internaional art fairs such as BELINER LISTE, BIENNALE D’ARTE in ROME, SCOPE BASEL. Her paintings are published in many international art books. Stirnimann won several international prizes and awards for her art.


artist with her work "transition"             Ruth with her work “Transition”

The Person

Ruth Stirnimann was born in Basel, Switzerland. After finishing her secondary education with emphasis on business and economics, she started her training in movement and dance. She learnt different spiritual and hands-on healing and energy balancing techniques, including cranio-sacral therapy. All of these aspects greatly influence her approach to painting which becomes a holistic process on all levels of her being.


Ruth Stirnimann in Vienna in 2015

As a young woman, Ruth Stirnimann became aware that her driving essence was healing and expanding her own being. Extending and evolving the consciousness not only re-aligns the individual, it has a ripple effect outward, restoring and elevating the world as a whole, as everything and everyone is inextricably linked.